Richard Scott

I grew up in the country enjoying open spaces always busy doing something.  Each Sunday morning we would be sent to a neighbours Sunday school, then returning from that quite often taken to church.

My life was great and things were going well when at 19 my world crashed in around me! I broke my neck playing rugby leaving me paralysed from the neck down.  I became reliant on somebody to do basically everything for me and it was a transition that I found anything but easy.  I found much of my anger directed at God, how could he let this happen?  Why me? What have I done to deserve this?  It took some years to properly come to terms with things.

I was feeling that something was missing from my life. I just could not place what.  One evening I felt a sudden strong need to look into Christianity, searching the Web and reading through various Christian websites was when I came across an example of a prayer inviting Christ into your life.  I began to pray asking for forgiveness, inviting him into my life.  As I was praying I felt warmth throughout my body and an unbelievable feeling of comfort such as I had never felt before. I knew then of the love and forgiveness the Lord blesses us with and I had found what was missing in my life.

Now, waking up each day I am thankful to God for another day, my family, my carers and all the kindness,love and forgiveness he has blessed us with each day.  Life is not a series of worries any more, everything is so much easier to deal with when I put my trust in God.  All the things that caused me so much concern for so many years just are not the cause of sleepless nights, needless hours spent worrying. It is as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Kenny Clements

Regular attendance at Sunday school and Church was an integral part of family life when I was growing up.  The influence and example of my parents and those involved in our congregation had a positive effect on my formative years.  It was a challenge from one of my Sunday School teachers that first began the work of the holy spirit in my life.

The assurance that he often spoke of was something I knew deep down I did not have.  It was during a mission held in our church in 1970 that I came to experience that assurance of my sins having been forgiven and knowing Christ as my saviour.  During that mission, quite a few became Christians including many young people and we were very much helped to grow by the influence of the late Henry Gray and his wife Mary.  The example they gave in terms of giving of their time and God-given talents is one of the reasons why I along with others remain involved in the life of the congregation today.  The good news of the gospel has the same power to transform lives today and give the true meaning of life that so many are seeking.

My Christian faith has always been a roll up your sleeves one as this is the example that Christ gives us.  If Christ gave a helping hand to those in need, then we need to follow that example.

As a couple, Janet and I are approved foster carers for the local Health Trust and see this as an opportunity to give a helping hand to others experiencing difficulties of various kinds.  I still feel passionately about the role of our church and although we face many challenges we need to thank God that he is in control and will lead and guide us into the future.

May each of us exercise the obedience he calls us to and together see his kingdom come where he has placed us.